GCSE and equivalent courses


GCSE and equivalent courses are designed to give students an introduction to the science behind people's behaviour and how it can be used to improve quality of life. 

Course content varies depending on the exam board, but all will include simple practical work and an opportunity to explore areas such as memory, stress, prejudice, phobias, gender and social influence.

You will also develop skills including:

  • oral, visual and written communication
  • problem solving
  • numeracy and statistics
  • critical and creative thinking
  • decision making
  • organisational skills
  • team working
  • IT and data analysis skill

By the end of your course, you should have gained a critical approach to scientific methods and evidence, as well as a knowledge and understanding of how psychology works and its role in society. This will put you at an advantage if you choose to continue onto a Psychology A Level or Scottish Higher programme.