Additional information

What to do with a 2:2?

Admissions tutors will not normally accept graduates with a 2:2 unless they have achieved a higher qualification too. Courses are looking for evidence that you have demonstrated academic and research ability of a level commensurate with doctoral level study. Usually this means an MSc or MPhil in which the candidate has successfully completed an applied research project, preferably in an education-related area. Contact the courses directly for more information on their entry criteria.

What funding is available?

For information on the application process for all funded places in England please view the Department for Education website.

Otherwise, course organisers are usually best placed to give advice on funding. We don’t offer any student bursaries, but do have a Funding Opportunities Database giving details of funding at both postgraduate and post-doctorate levels.


There are also a number of other websites that offer information about postgraduate funding. A few examples are listed below: