Additional Information


What funding is available?

Please contact the The Clearing House for Postgraduate Training Courses in Clinical Psychology (CHPCCP) directly for more information on the application process for funded places.

Applications for the doctorate programmes at the University of Hull and Queens University Belfast are managed by the universities themselves. For advice with applications please get in touch with either university directly.


What to do with a 2:2?

Clinical psychology courses will not normally accept graduates with a 2:2, unless they have achieved some higher qualification as well. This would normally involve completing a Masters qualification.

An ideal masters would involve direct patient contact, the collection of psychological data and would be pertinent to clinical problems. A taught Masters would be less relevant unless there is a heavy emphasis on research methods.

Clinical courses are looking for evidence that the person has the necessary academic and research ability.


Usually this means an MSc or MPhil in which the candidate has successfully completed an applied research project, preferably in a clinically relevant area.

The Society does not accredit this type of course.

Please contact universities directly for more specific information on their entry requirements.