Academia, Research & Teaching Psychology

Teaching and research in psychology usually go hand in hand. Some teaching staff will have qualified in one of the applied psychological fields. They may return to teaching to develop professional practice and conduct research or simply to share their knowledge. All university lecturers are expected to help extend their subject by gathering psychological evidence on key research questions and telling others what they have found by publishing articles.

Administration is a large part of a lecturer’s life. It includes student selection, devising new teaching programmes, sitting on committees which allocate resources and coordinating aspects of the life of the department.


Many schools and colleges of further education now offer psychology as a subject at GCSE, A level, AS level, Scottish Higher, as part of the International Baccalaureate and as part of a general studies programme. Teachers prepare students for published syllabuses set by the examining bodies, so their work is not as flexible as that of teachers of undergraduates. Nevertheless, there is considerable choice in what to offer within the syllabus and an enormous range of possible studies in practical and laboratory courses.